Before Auto Legacy became what it is today, it was a dream. We wanted to build a legacy, a company that devoted itself to help its community and make their lives a little easier. We differ from rival rental companies, with our prices, and our policies are geared towards our clients. Our motto, our commitment is geared to you. Here at Legacy Auto, we know the value, and the meaning of what having a car represents; freedom. Being able to get from point a to point b without waiting on a bus or train. Being able to take your kids out in all types of weather. We want our clients to have the opportunity to create life long memories in our vehicles. At Auto Legacy, our clients are family. We work hard to provide the best service, and the safest vehicles. With regular safety checks, full auto insurance coverage, that not only covers damages to the rentals but too our clients as well. We are a family owned business, so we know how important the lives of our loved ones are. Here at Auto Legacy, we offer rental delivery to various pick up spots in the GTA, direct delivery for clients in special circumstances. Our company offers free quotes and specialized payment plans to help you get to your destination stress free.
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